Our company has always existed as an exclusive enclave for the benefit of a small but perfectly informed group of solicitors who all rely upon us to utilise our unique technical minds and experience to troubleshoot for them.  As a result, our work has always been referred to us by word of mouth recommendation, however, we have now decided to offer our expertise to the legal services industry more widely. As such it is likely that those reading this have themselves been passed such a recommendation to contact us for assistance, which we would be happy to provide.

Personal Injury

Simply put, we appreciate that our clients want maximised recovery of costs coupled with the quickest and most efficient turnaround possible.  We provide this with carefully crafted Bills of Costs and/or Schedules of Costs which are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.  We ensure the sums claimed in the full spectrum of injury litigation from industrial disease to multi-party road traffic actions are justified by our team of fully CPR trained and naturally tenacious fee earners.  We turn files into cheques in the quickest time possible enforcing on agreements when needed.

Clinical Negligence

We are fully committed in this highly specialised area to being the very definition of the ‘safe pair of hands’ that we have often been called and we strive to ensure our clients continue to regard us in this way.  We ensure that our team are on hand throughout the lifecycle of a case and upon conclusion running the matter to the doors of Court if necessary in order to ensure as full a recovery for work carried out as possible.  In-house Cost Lawyers provide tailored assistance with cases ranging from dental negligence matters to high-value catastrophic injury matters with a full understanding of the demands of the intricate issues arising in order to take cases from draft to assessment and guide clients throughout the process.

Commercial Litigation

The solicitor’s choice of draftsmen is often an idiosyncratic one, akin to choosing Counsel.  Whatever the complexity or value of dispute, whether contractual, maritime, or professional negligence; our team is committed providing a holistic and individually tailored solution to suit our client’s needs.  We are on hand every step of the way to provide ad hoc advice, accurate costs estimates on live actions and advising on interlocutory security for costs applications.    

Management Reporting

We liaise with our clients to design bespoke reporting data as often as weekly but usually fortnightly/monthly which fully demonstrates our performance statistics in terms of maximisation and turnaround.  Each case however, is individually reported upon to those instructing us at predefined junctures.  We provide full and specific technical advice, as opposed to asking for it.


Every victory on an assessment of costs is founded upon a well crafted offer and to that end we craft offers designed to win, and we pick our fights.  As a result, we operate on a ‘no win no fee’ basis where a case is assessed on our advice.  Our in-house advocacy team are extremely capable on their feet in Court to fully justify of our clients’ costs; however, in addition we have developed close professional links with specialist costs Counsel who are hand-picked for each case.

Courier Collection

Our reach stretches the length and breadth of the county with secure courier collection from you on the same day on urgent matters before 11:30am. Files may be delivered to us or returned to you the next day at no cost.  Our client care team will be happy to assist with any immediate or future requirements on 0151 242 0960 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .